Eating Disorders Recovery with Dr. Mark Schwartz

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Eating Disorders Recovery with Dr. Mark Schwartz


Mapping the Components of Eating Disorder Recovery | LIVECAST WEBINAR REPLAY from THURSDAY, May 14 2015

What Today’s Therapists Need to Know

Years spent studying those suffering from eating disorders left Dr. Mark Schwartz with tremendous insight into the nature of this extraordinary affliction, including an understanding of the temperaments and disorders most often associated with those suffering from eating and intimacy disorders. Dr. Schwartz shares his many years of experience and findings as to how we need a far more unique, loving, and care-taking/nurturing approach, as professionals and as therapists, to heal the root causes of these often life-threatening adaptations to stress, fear of conflict, overwhelm, harm-avoidance, and high levels of anxiety directed toward the basics of living life itself.

Dr. Mark Schwartz and his co-therapy partner, Lori Galperin MSW, have spent more than 30 years studying human intimacy and the issue of human addiction.

Interning at the famed Masters and Johnson’s Institute right out of college, Dr. Schwartz went on to become the leading director of the Institute until it closed in the late ’90s, having worked closely for years with William H. and Virginia E. Johnson. Masters and Johnson pioneered research into structure of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of human intimacy disorders and dysfunctions, which included a deepened study of intimacy disorders, addiction, and eating disorders.

Dr. Schwartz’ personal passion for human relationships and the disorders and addictions that get in the way of our ability to love one another and experience a deep connection to ourselves is the driving passion behind his 30+ years as a researcher, therapist, counselor, and expert in the field.

Having been featured in countless television programs and magazines, and having lectured worldwide to both practitioners and the public at large, Dr. Schwartz and Lori Galperin are now based in Monterey, California where they manage their own private practice and have just opened anew transitional living center those recovering once and for all from addiction and eating disorders at Harmony Place Monterey.

Schwartz and Galperin are also co-directors of Marriage Therapy Institute, which hosts Marriage “Vacation” Retreats for Marriages in Crisis and for couples who want far more from their relationships.

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  1. Do you have skype based DBT sessions for eating disorders?

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