Harmony Place Treatment Model

Harmony Place Treatment Model

Each client is carefully assigned a team of specialists after their initial assessment; a team may include:

  1. Access to recovered individuals
  2. Primary Therapist
  3. Dietician
  4. ED Coach
  5. Psychiatrist
  6. Occupational Therapist
  7. Addiction Specialist
  8. Behavioral Change Specialist
  9. Close integration with our patients and therapists


Unlike the broader culture, which tends to be mechanistic, we at Harmony Place Monterey believe that healthcare needs to be personal, compassionate, and each individual requires and deserves a total commitment from their clinician.

We begin the process with a complete assessment, since often the symptoms of depression, anxiety or addiction, are only the tip of the iceberg. The symptom can be the result of a complexity of developmental factors from the past, resulting in the difficulties of the present.

Our first focus is relief of the symptom, using all the tools available, including medication and physical health assessment, psychotherapy, life-coaching, relationship and family work, lifestyle and work issues identification, and an understanding of a client’s social interactions and friends.


Confidential Consultation

Contact us for a confidential consultation for your client, yourself, your partner, your family member or your loved one.

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