Recover Once and For All…

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Recover Once and For All…

We don’t recover from an addiction by just “stopping.”

So many mistake periods of sobriety as “recovery.”

We recover from addiction by getting to the reason, the origins, of the addiction behavior itself. Why is the coping strategy of any such addiction needed in the first place? What is the addiction serving or avoiding? This is critical.

The addiction starts out serving a purpose, it’s a coping mechanism. It’s a strategy, a maladaptive strategy if you will, but it’s an attempt to provide relief or reprieve from something inside, something aversive within the individual that’s out of balance or overwhelming, that cannot be processed.

Addiction ranges from the most common chemical additions, as in alcohol and prescription drugs, to what’s called, “process addictions,” such as disordered eating, sexual behavior, gambling, or codependency (being addicted to a person), workaholism, or various Internet-related addictions. In each case, the addiction is a substitute experience for something not wanted to be felt, that eventually becomes both necessary and distressing. The individual winds up feeling out of control. In almost all cases, the sufferer is lonely, even when with people, and has difficulty turning to others for support. They cope with anxiety, depression, emptiness, aloneness and other negative emotions by acting out with the addiction. The effect is manifested within the family. They often experience little joy with their partners or children and don’t know why.

We believe disorders of intimacy are at the core of addictive behavior.

Recovery Once and For All

Recovery is about understanding the emotional organization of the individual. It’s not about “what’s wrong with you,” but more, “What happened to you?”

What has impacted you and made you who you are? What have you needed to react to, survive, or escape from? Recovery once and for all is about the deep care required to unpack the sequential narrative that has led to the unprocessable aspects of one’s emotional and psychological life. It’s about rebuilding those emotional responses to stress, emotional triggers, unfelt hurt or rage, fear of life, feared loneliness, dark despair and unwanted grief.

It goes all the back to your earliest experiences of physical and emotional safety, attachment to your first caregivers, and emotional bonding. It goes all the way back to any major or minor traumas suffered in your family system, and then healing those incidences from an emotional-response perspective. It’s about coming to know oneself authentically and learning to trust oneself, all over again, but from the ground up.

“Recovery Once and for All” doesn’t only sound nice, it’s a validated possibility if professional, excellent care provided by those who really understand addictive origins, is sought and received.

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