Healing Intimacy Disorders Webinar

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Healing Intimacy Disorders Webinar


Repairing the Attachment System, Healing Intimacy Disorders

Years in the Trenches, A Few Discoveries to Share


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Addiction Recovery Expert Dr. Mark Schwartz, previously executive director of the Masters and Johnson Institute and currently director of the new transitional living center, Harmony Place in Monterey, CA, shares his insightful and many-years-experience, paradigm-shifting approach to healing those suffering from intimacy disorders. The result of these disorders, found in the early attachment systems, can lead to addiction and problems in relationships all the way to causing arousal disorders and illegal behaviors.

Can we repair our attachment system? What is “earned” secure attachment?

Watch this insightful, very bold webinar that could revolutionize the way treatment of
these difficult-to-treat issues could be approached.

Enjoy this 1.5 hour livecast webinar replay.

From his early years spent at John Hopkins to becoming executive director of the Masters and Johnson Institute to working alongside some of the most prolific child development researchers of our time, Dr. Mark Schwartz’ fascination with what makes us who we become has driven much of his 30+ years career.

What makes us respond or not respond intimately? What’s at the root of what turns us into addicts? And finally, how is it that research continues to point at early attachment being at the very core of each of these critical questions?

Individuals with disorganized attachment styles often experience a desperate desire to get what they missed earlier in life from a relationship with a partner, while they are simultaneously fearful of the connection that develops in relationship. Subsequent developmental experiences further cement their self condemnation and addictive behavior often further isolates them from bonding at all.

This workshop emphasizes how to repair the attachment system in psychotherapy.


  1. I registered but have not received an email with directions on how to access the webinar when it starts. Will that be coming soon?

    • HI!
      We are sending that within moments. 🙂 Thank you for checking! We’ve had so many registrants this morning alone, so the notice is about to go out. 🙂

  2. I would like to register to participate in this webinar Intimacy Disorders

  3. I’d like to register but I’m working at 1:00 tomorrow. Can I delay watching?

    • Hi, Yes, the webinar will be recorded, and will be made available to those who have registered. You will receive an email letting you know when it’s up for viewing. Thanks much for your interest in this webinar. 🙂

  4. Hello,
    I was wondering if this webinar will be recorded. I didn’t see this until yesterday and didn’t have time to switch my schedule.
    Thank you,

    • Hi!
      Yes, we are definitely recording this webinar and we’ll be posting it online, for those who register to watch again at a later time. Those registered will get an email once it’s ready.

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