What is Transitional Living?

Learning to be in the World

Having directed a residential treatment center for eating disorders for many years, we are aware that recovery is about establishing and then following some control over symptoms. However, few individuals are provided anticipatory guidance of what’s to come, which includes understanding the fear that arises with social interactions, dating, sexuality, establishing a career, preparing meals, showing-up and not avoiding activities that are fearful or overwhelming.

Recovery Cannot Be Done Alone

At Harmony Place Monterey, we know that recovery can’t be done alone. It cannot be done without support, guidance, and coaching. We provide a living environment with supervision, guidance, structure, and encouragement.

Learning How To Live Without Addiction

Traditional Living support allows the opportunity to return to school, find a job, or learn simple tasks and guidance. At Harmony Place, we provide psychotherapists, life-coaches, dietitians, and therapists experienced in working with difficult challenges and with individuals who have already been through many treatment programs that might not have led to long-term success.

Give yourself and/or your loved ones the transitional support you need.

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