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Who Will Benefit from the Programs Offered at Harmony Place?
We specialize in working with clients who have been self-destructive, out of control, addictive, or anxious and depressed. Once such behavior has come under some voluntary control, outpatient work can be beneficial. Most commonly, our program can serve as a Step Down for clients graduating from residential treatment but not yet confident in their recovery, or for clients whose symptoms have ceased but whose transition requires continuing relapse prevention and life skills. We work closely with our clients and answer any questions they may have.
What makes Harmony Place Monterey different?
We do much more than stop an Addictive Behavior. The addiction, until understood in depth, serves a vital purpose of some kind; that purpose cannot be underestimated or overlooked. Removing an addictive behavior without comprehending what it’s compensating for leads to an incomplete treatment program and the great potential for chronic relapse. Our treatment approach addresses and relieve addictive behaviors and their origins, including intimacy problems and early attachment wounding often associated with eating disorders, chemical dependency, co-dependency, sexual and relational difficulties, and chronic relapse. Our in-depth therapies dig to the bottom of onerous issues that continue to sabotage recovery and long-term success. We specialize in moving our clients securely out of addiction and beyond the fear of slipping back.
Where are you located?
Harmony Place Monterey is located at 574 Cortes, Monterey, CA 93940. Directions
For a significant number of clients, the transition from residential to outpatient entails too much responsibility too soon with little support or structure. A person in outpatient treatment needs extra support—more than one- or two-hour sessions per week—to effect any lasting changes. Our program is designed for such individuals. It provides focus on deeper issues while giving support and structure that will minimize relapse.
What are the Deeper Issues?
Most psychotherapy begins with symptoms stabilization, typically involving many cognitive behavioral tools. In many cases, for symptoms containment to last, the function of the symptom must be understood. How did it come into being? What protective function might it serve based on past experiences? Understanding the “value” of the symptom is critical to the continuing recovery process. Learn More.
What Triggers Continue to Cause Relapse?
Sometimes even in strong recovery, circumstances involving career, relationships, sexuality, loneliness, social isolation, attention deficit issues, difficulty with executive function, or specific fears or reactivity related to new challenges can trigger relapse. Rehearsing new skills as well as less destructive ways of thinking are critical for recovery. When appropriate clients are helped to find places to live, outpatient therapist, friendships, social activities and appropriate dating skills and eventually either get back in school or find a good job. Get Help
Why Do We Need Support?
Often an inability to be intimate and connect adequately or appropriately contributes to relapse. Learning what one does to block appropriate connection and remain alone, and rehearsing how to relate effectively is facilitated by living in an environment with others who are engaged in a similar process of growth, learning and recovery. Connect

Frequently Asked QuestionsInsurance

Which Insurance do you take?
Harmony Place Monterey works with most insurance companies and is in network with Anthem Blue Cross. Call to discuss your insurance benefits and potential coverage. We are here to assist you. Connect
Insurance & Outpatient Care
In network with Anthem Blue Cross and most other insurances, our intensive outpatient program is truly unique, attracting clients from across the United States. First, we offer the option of living in a beautiful, therapeutic community home near the ocean. Second, our clients take part in four individual therapy sessions, each week, with very experienced therapists who do deep work and get to the core of the developmental contributions to the symptoms. Connect

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