Various Local and Online Addiction and Eating Disorders Recovery Resources


Pacific Grove | Local Support Group

Pacific Grove Eating Disorder Group. Meets Every other Monday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. For more information call 831 521 5683 or 831 747 4383.

Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) >>

Designed for those working as eating disorder professionals. AED promotes excellence in treatment, prompts prevention initiatives, engages in research and sponsors an international conference.

Al-Anon Family Groups >>

Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness >>

Offers educational information for parents and caregivers, focusing on the warning signs, dangers, and effects of eating disorders.

Alcoholics Anonymous >>

American Society of Addiction Medicine >>

Association for Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED) >>

The objectives of APTED include support, training, referrals and direct services. APTED offers training and a networking platform for professionals, support, and referrals to specialists of other disciplines or other geographic areas.

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD) >>

Offers informative materials, sponsors support groups, conferences, advocacy campaigns, research and has a crisis hotline. 630 577 1330

Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) >>

Provides those with a binge eating disorder with the understanding and resources they need to begin the toward healthy recovery. BEDA also provides resources for treatment specialists to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat eating disorders of all kinds.

Bulimia.Com >>

Home of Gürze Books, this is a publishing company that specializes in eating disorders resources and recovery.

Eating Disorders Anonymous >>

A membership of individuals who have a safe place to share their issues, a place to find strength and hope in others, in not feeling alone when facing an eating disorder. People can and do fully recover from having an eating disorder. EDA helps participants to understand the steps toward recovery.

Eating Disorder Hope >>

Offers education, support, and guidance for eating disorder sufferers and their loved ones.

Eating Disorder Recovery Support >>

Eating Disorder Recovery Support is located in Marin and Sonoma County and is dedicated to promoting awareness of eating disorders, and provides treatment scholarships to California residents who need financial help to engage in treatment.

Elisa Project >>

Dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, providing support, awareness, education and advocacy.

Get Busy Thriving >>

A great resource for support and self-help methods to assist individuals to recover from an eating disorder. Read real-life bulimia stories, watch videos and read blog posts designed to guide individuals on the path to recovery.

Multi-service Eating Disorder Association (MEDA) >>

Offers education and prevention workshops, support groups and drop-in groups for parents and loved ones.
617 558 1881

Narcotics Anonymous >>

National Eating Disorders Association >>

Sponsors an Eating Disorders Awareness Week, in February each year, featuring a network of coordinators and educational info. Hosts a national conference and publishes a newsletter. Also develops educational and prevention programs.

The National Association for Males with Eating Disorders (NAMED) >>

Offers education and support to males with eating disorders and their families.

The National Eating Disorders Screening Program (NEDSP) >>

Provides free, anonymous public education programs that offer people the opportunity to learn, take a written self-test, meet one-on-one with a health professional, and get a referral for further evaluation.

National Institute on Drug Abuse >>

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration >>

The Partnership at >>

Treatment 4 Addiction >>

An online website for those suffering from addiction, depression, eating disorders, or any other mental health challenge.

We Are Diabetes >>

We Are Diabetes is an organization focused on the awareness of eating disorder “diabulimia.”

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