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Partial Hospitalization Program

Behavioral disorders and addictions are debilitating conditions that can overcome every area of your life. Whether you are struggling with a mental disorder like anxiety or depression, an eating disorder, intimacy problems or chemical dependency, all these situations can improve with the right treatment plan. For some, that means a residential treatment facility where they are isolated from daily life and its accompanying stressors. Others may find outpatient programs fit their needs better without compromising the quality of their therapy or their recovery process. A Partial Hospitalization Program may be the solution for you.

At Harmony Place Monterey, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all addiction treatment program. We recognize that our clients come from unique backgrounds with a wide range of issues that will need to be addressed to make the recovery process successful. We take your needs very seriously and are proud to offer a unique variety of outpatient program options that will provide you with the necessary tools for long-term health and a higher quality of life.

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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

A partial hospitalization program or PHP is the most comprehensive type of outpatient treatment available, involving multiple hours and many days a week to address the underlying issues leading up to your condition. At Harmony Place Monterey, our PHP involves six hours a day, five days a week, providing clients with ample time to receive the individualized attention necessary to address the underlying issues that led up to the behavioral disorder or addiction.

When you arrive for your daily treatment, you will receive individual therapy, as well as group and family counseling as appropriate. Our primary goal at Harmony Place Monterey is to identify the underlying issues that have led to the addiction and address those directly to provide you with not only short-term relief from your challenges but long-term recovery and sobriety to produce a more fulfilling and productive life.

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Why Choose a PHP?

PHP offers an alternative to residential care, for those that cannot commit to a residential program but still need structure and intense therapy to overcome the underlying issues guiding the mental disorder or addiction. This program is best suited to clients that require a higher level of care than a traditional outpatient program. A PHP offers a combination of medical monitoring and treatment service during the day but allows clients to return to the comfort of their own homes or our tranquil resident housing for the night.

For many of our clients, PHP is also used as a step-down treatment once they have completed an inpatient program. Taking this step ensures your transition into the rigors of daily life gradually, with the necessary support to lower the risk for relapse or other complications that can occur because of leaving treatment before you are ready. PHP also offers significant benefits to those that don’t require full 24-hour supervision, yet still require guidance and support as they navigate the recovery process.

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Experienced, Comprehensive Support

The multidisciplinary team of Harmony Place Monterey consists of clinicians, therapists and counselors that have years of experience working with clients of every age and background. Through expressive, in-depth therapy sessions, our professional counselors and therapist make it their primary goal to identify the underlying causes of your condition or addiction and help you navigate the complex treatment world to address those issues and overcome them. Typically, we find that addictions, in particular, are a symptom of something that lies much deeper beneath the surface, such as childhood trauma, PTSD or attachment issues. Uncovering and treating that problem will lead to a higher chance of a successful and long-term recovery.

For clients that are ready to move forward from residential treatment or find an inpatient program doesn’t meet their parameters, the outpatient programs at Harmony Place Monterey may be the right choice. Our PHP is a comprehensive, in-depth program that provides ample time to explore all the issues surrounding your behavioral disorder, intimacy issues, chemical dependency or other addiction. To learn more about this treatment plan, contact Harmony Place Monterey today at 831-747-1727.

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