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Intensive Outpatient Program

Those suffering from behavioral disorders and addictions often find those conditions can prevent them from living a productive and fulfilling life. Whether you are plagued with a mental illness like bipolar disorder, a chemical dependency or an eating disorder, you may find these debilitating issues begin to take over every hour of your day. Disorders and addictions can affect your health and self-confidence, as well as your job, finances and relationships with people you care about. Our Intensive Outpatient Program can help you regain control and balance in your life.

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Reasons to Choose an Intensive Outpatient Program

The first course of action in these situations is often a residential treatment program that allows you to focus solely on the problem and get back on a path to physical and mental wellness. However, once the residential program has ended, clients may find themselves facing the same stressors and triggers without a sound plan for how to cope with them in a healthy way. Outpatient therapy can be a way for these individuals to transition back into jobs, school and family obligations without losing the support and treatment that had put them on that positive path in the first place.

Some individuals may also find that residential treatment programs are not a good fit for them for a variety of reasons. There may be a concern over cost or obligations that cannot be put entirely on hold until treatment is over. These people may also find the right outpatient program can sufficiently meet their needs while fitting in with their daily life.

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What is an IOP/PHP?

The intensive outpatient program or IOP at Harmony Place Monterey features three to six daily hours of treatment, five days per week. During your time at our center, you will take part in a variety of intense psychotherapy modalities designed to uncover the roots of your condition or addiction so that lasting healing and recovery can take place. Our programs include three to four one-on-one sessions with a member of our experienced staff as well as group counseling and other types of therapy.

The therapy team at Harmony Place Monterey consists of eight therapists that each brings different skills and talents to the treatment table. We recognize that your struggles and experiences with addiction are unique to you, so you can expect our small, integrated team to focus on helping you dig into the underlying issues that have caused your struggles – not merely treating your symptoms. Because we only work with 10 clients at one time, you can rest assured you will receive plenty of individualized care to identify and address your precise issues.

No matter what type of struggles you are currently facing, our team of professionals can help you identify your issues and move forward to a more fulfilling life of health and wellness. To learn more about our IOP, contact Harmony Place Monterey today at 831-747-1727.[/imagebox]

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