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Sex Addiction Santa Cruz

Sex Addiction Santa Cruz Offering Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program With a Transitional Living House

Nationally recognized specializing in Sexual Addiction with Dr. Mark Schwartz as the Premier Therapist. Mark Schwartz is a nationally recognized therapist who specializes in mental health, sex addition, PTSD trauma, and other therapy based studies to help individuals overcome addiction and trauma.

Whenever an individual experiences attachment problem, from early deprivations in parenting or painful dating experiences all the way to traumatic events, they may find themselves avoiding or sabotaging romantic relationships. Humans have a natural instinct to bond, to find a mate or companion, but at the same time, can also fear the bonding itself. There may be an actual fear of getting close, being abandoned, or a deeply held fear of getting either rejected or engulfed. Some of us can feel a sense of being chased and then let down. We might experience aloneness when together with another person, feeling an absence of a deep sense of connection, even though we may be side-by-side. Conversation can be lacking and sexual intimacy disconnected.

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Sexual compulsion is more about intimacy, attachment, and connection with self and others, and less about sex. Desire and arousal emerge developmentally from optimal caring, compassion, and competent parenting attuned to the unique temperament of the child. The attachment system can become deactivated when a person feels engulfed and activated when a person perceives abandonment. Therefore, recovery is a process that encourages repair of the attachment system. For individuals with sexual compulsion, however, hypersexuality is used to both activate and deactivate attachment, mirroring their early history of disorganized attachment. It is imperative to work with cognition, affect, and behavior to facilitate internal integration and seed an interrelated, cohesive sense of self before facilitating closeness with others that might activate trauma bonds and unconscious or conscious fear. Mark Schwartz offers a Sex Addiction Santa Cruz class for treatment among all levels for loved ones.
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