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Attachment Intimacy Difficulties – Codependency issues

Recent research has shown that the environment of the child in the first five years of life blueprint long-term patterns for close relationships in adulthood. Some individuals become avoidant and are dismissive of close relationships, unemotional and live in a mechanical numbing instrument-like existence with structure and rules. Others become overly preoccupied with abandonment and overly emotional, often choosing avoidant partners and obsessing about their unwillingness to change.

A third group go back and forth between closeness and distance, acting quite different in different situations, and are disconnected from themselves or others a great deal of time. Often as part of these long-term attachment patterns the individual moves form one unhappy relationship to the next.

These attachment problems often underlie most psychiatric and addictive disorder problems. Repair of the attachment system is critical to long term recovery.

At Harmony Place Monterey we utilize specific interventions focused to changing destructive attachment patterns and creating “earned-secure” attachment.