Intimacy Disorders

Intimacy Disorders

Attachment Difficulties at the Center of Intimacy Disorders

Whenever an individual experiences attachment problems, from early deprivations in parenting or painful relational experiences all the way to traumatic events, they may find themselves avoiding or sabotaging romantic relationships. Humans have a natural instinct to bond, to find a mate or companion, but at the same time, can also fear the bonding itself. There may be an actual fear of getting close, being abandoned, or a deeply held fear of getting either rejected or engulfed. Some of us can feel a sense of being chased and then let down. We might experience aloneness when together with another person, feeling an absence of a deep sense of connection, even though we may be side-by-side. Conversation can be lacking and sexual intimacy disconnected.

Healing Attachment – Enhancing Intimacy

A great deal can be done to repair intimacy and create what is called, “secure attachment.” At Harmony Place Monterey, we specialize in facilitating intimacy development and have lectured on this topic to thousands of professionals worldwide. We are equally experienced in working with couples, as well as are experts in working with individuals who are in-between relationships, but who like to embark on something more fulfilling the next time around.

Intervention includes:

  • Developing a cohesive narrative
  • Identifying developmental dissociation and regression
  • Attunement with therapist
  • Therapeutic community
  • Schema therapy
  • Trauma resolution
  • Family of origin reconstruction
  • Internal integration and self-development
  • Metacognition work
  • Idealized parent work
  • Codependency work
  • Identifying fears of intimacy
  • Recognizing enmeshment and anxiety-generalized bonding
  • Recognizing care, relational conflict, and repairers

Confidential Consultation

Contact us for a confidential consultation. We welcome your questions and inquiries. Let us assist you in taking whatever necessary next steps are available to you as well as to your partner, family member, or loved one.

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