Critical factors to consider for an eating disorder clinic

  1. Does the program offer meal support?
  2. Is there a registered Dietician experienced and supportive of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating?
  3. Does the program offer three individual sessions per week with a primary therapist?
  4. Does the primary therapist do eating disorder work, trauma, and family of origin work, family work?
  5. Does the program offer expressive therapy twice per week?
  6. Does the psychiatrist have experience with eating disorders and are they open to changing medications that are ineffective?
  7. Does the dietician work well with both restrictors and binging and do they use an exchange system? (We do not, and we’ll explain…)
  8. Is the program owned by caring therapist or by a big corporation focused on profit?
  9. Is the program more than 12-14 clients?
  10. Do the groups Ke treat substance abuse: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Relationships and Sexuality, Social Anxiety, Anger Management and Assertiveness, Self-Development, Life Coaching, and Relapse Prevention?
  11. Does the program specialize in exposure-based therapy for OCD?
  12. Does the program specialize in trauma-based therapies for complex trauma or post-traumatic stress?
  13. Is the program skilled at dealing with co-addictions such as co-dependency and chemical dependency and sex addiction?

Here at Harmony Place, we pride ourselves on the services we provide for those seeking to heal from an eating disorder. Weather yourself or a loved one, we provide the best treatment for any eating disorder one might be experiencing. We offer an eating disorder treatment based on each individual’s needs. Our medical staff are well versed in the world of eating disorders and have years of experience with helping many people through it. Here at Harmony Place, we are equipped to help with the difficulties of having an eating disorder and want to be part of your journey to a better you.

Call us, to speak with one of our well-informed associates to see how we can help you today on the journey of recovery.

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