What Is Depression?

Depression is a chronic feeling of sadness that is both physiological and cognitive.

Suffering in the Buddhist tradition is universal and acceptance of life’s trials and tribulations. Without feeling overly victimized, is a premise that we work with at Harmony Place Monterey. The most common component of depression involves dealing with loss and grieving. Our treatment model focuses on the temporary nature of thoughts and feelings. Learning to monitor and challenge irrational thoughts and emotions allows one to sort through the actual origins. Often, what we find is the multiple traumas and grief previously experienced in one’s life are swept under the rug and the individual moves on without adequately processing not learning from the experiences.

It can be helpful to back and excavate — that is, re-experience some of the pain in the safety of the therapist’s office and allow the brain to created resolution and meaning in order that the individual can develop a healthy way to move on.

Photo by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Individual therapy with a supportive group is sometimes critical to be able to move on.

In other cases, as in overwhelming issues such as the death of a loved one or the experience of violence, the feelings can be so devastating that they are hard to absorb. In such cases, the community, that is the people that are needed to process and arrive at meaning, is helpful and essential. Individual therapy with a supportive group is sometimes critical to be able to move on.

At Harmony Place Monterey, treatment is individualized and family relationships and a variety of deeper forms of psychotherapy are utilized in a time-limited, intensive format to help the individual develop more positive interactions and lifestyle. We offer unipolar depression treatment at Harmony Place Monterey. We also feature a comprehensive team of professionals with years of experience to help individuals in their path to recovery. Please contact us today for further info.